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HyperCard Tips and Tricks: Standalones

XCMD bug in HC 2.4 standalones

Posted: 5/24/98
There is a bug in HyperCard 2.4 where some XCMDs do not work properly
when a stack is saved as a standalone. Fortunately there's a simple
workaround: Open your standalone in a resource editor such as ResEdit.
Find 'HVRS' resource ID 1. Change its ID to 128. And the problem will go

Kevin Calhoun
Apple Computer, Inc.

QuickTime XCMD in standalones

Posted: 11/24/97
One thing about QT in a stand-alone: you know the "Save a Copy" dialog
in Hypercard that you use to make your standalone? Well, in the
"more options" section, there's a version number in the upper right
corner. Don't change that number. The QuickTime XCMD looks at that
number to see if HyperCard 2.0 or later is in charge and bails out if
it isn't.

Paul Foraker
White Feather Software

Fix "answer folder" in standalones

Posted: 11/24/97
When you use the "answer folder" command in an HC 2.3 stack it works
correctly. When you save the stack as an application, the dialog box
does not always show the name of the folder in the "Select [foldername]
button at the bottom of the dialog. The button shows, but the text
identifying the folder does not.

It can be fixed this way: Open up your standalone app in ResEdit. Then
open the 'STR#' ID 129 resource. It is a string list with 64 strings.
In the Player and standalones, several strings are blank, because they
are used by features not present in the full HyperCard (the object info 
dialog boxes, for example). Scroll down the list to string 63 (the next 
to last one) and enter

select "^0"

This will correct the 'answer folder' dialog box.

unknown author on AppleLink

This bug was fixed in HC version 2.3.5 -- jg

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