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We make software for humans. Custom Mac, Windows, iOS and Android solutions in HyperCard, MetaCard, and RunRev LiveCode


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LiveCode and MetaCard

Mobile Debugging Reference Sheet
An online copy of the reference sheet given out at the RevLive 2012 conference. This reference explains how to debug iOS and Android mobile apps while running on either the simulator or the device.

Stack Versioner
If you are using an older version of LiveCode, you may not be able to open stacks that have been saved with a newer version. Here's a quick little utility to convert them.

Using PayPal with LiveCode CGIs
There are some tricks to setting up PayPal's Instant Notification System to work with LiveCode CGIs. This article explains how it's done and provides some sample scripts to get you going.

Introduction to LiveCode CGIs
CGIs provide dynamic content to web sites, and allow flexible delivery of information. This tutorial explains how to use LiveCode as a CGI engine on your server, and walks you through several CGI examples written in LiveCode's easy programming language.

Standalone Builder Reference Sheet
An online copy of the reference sheet given out at the RevCon West conference in Monterey, California. This reference addresses additional topics you need to know when using the LiveCode standalone builder. Find out about cross-platform icons and their formats, icon editors, installers, and other tidbits necessary to create a professional standalone.

Cross Platform Fonts: Reference Sheet
An online copy of the reference sheet given out at the RevCon West conference in Monterey, California. This document discusses font issues on various operating systems and offers suggestions on which fonts to use for the most consistent cross-platform appearance.

Shakobox: Scripted musical notation in MetaCard and LiveCode
Scripted musical notation is not natively available in MetaCard or LiveCode. Now, for Mac and Windows users, there's a solution.

Converting HyperCard Stacks to LiveCode
Conversion of HyperCard stacks to LiveCode is easy if you have some basic information. Walk your way through a step-by-step conversion tutorial. It works with the LiveCode trial version too.

The LiveCode Scripting Conferences are a series of tutorial stacks, written by some of the best experts in the field, to teach you LiveCode from the ground up. Start with the first, work your way through in sequence, and soon you'll be an expert too. Mirrored here with RunRev's permission.


Polling the mouse in MetaCard and LiveCode
Sometimes a script needs to determine the state of the mouse repeatedly in order to perform a task such as dragging an object. If your script is tracking the mouse within a repeat loop, it could lock up the system. Here's a better way.

What's a function?
For those new to LiveCode or programming in general, this article explains what a function handler is, how it differs from a command handler, and provides some simple examples of custom-made functions.

How To Test Your Stacks
Some bullet-proof suggestions for developers who want to release bug-free work. Originally written for HyperCard developers, this applies equally to LiveCode as well.


Other hypermedia links and resources

Historical HyperCard Pages

HyperCard Stories
Here is the best way to answer the question, "What is HyperCard?" — with real world examples.

The HyperCard Virus Compendium
Lists HyperCard viruses, inoculations for your Home stack, information about commercial virus checkers, and version 4.3 of Bill Swagerty's HyperCard virus eradicator Vaccine, available for download.

HyperCard Tips and Tricks!
A collection of some of the slickest HyperCard tips, techniques, workarounds, code snippets and hacks, submitted by our readers. You can search the tips and tricks by keyword.

The AOL HyperCard Scripting Conference Stacks
A series of tutorials to teach you HyperCard, originally presented live on AOL. Possibly still useful to x-talk newcomers and historians.

HyperCard AddColor Reference
A convenient, free little stack to help you work with HyperCard's AddColor XCMD.