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We make software for humans. Custom Mac, Windows, iOS and Android solutions in HyperCard, MetaCard, and RunRev LiveCode

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Landman Gay


HyperActive Software
5226 W Nokomis Pky
Minneapolis MN 55417


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HyperActive Software means software solutions — custom answers for the special needs that off the shelf products can't meet. Ways to get the most out of your time with the least hassle. Software that works hard and looks easy.

We're careful about creating a clean, intuitive program interface that even novice users can pick up fast. We stress performance, reliability, and ease of use. HyperActive Software has developed a wide range of software solutions, many more than we can show you here. Because hypermedia development takes less time than other programming environments, HyperActive Software can provide an economical way for you to get exactly what you want, uniquely customized to your needs.

HyperActive Software has developed applications for Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and Apple iOS. Our tool of choice is RunRev's LiveCode, which compiles for all operating systems with a single code base.

HyperActive Software is a member of the Apple Developer's program and has worked closely with Apple Computer during the development of portions of its HyperCard projects. Our work has been published in bundled disk/book combinations in Bantam's Cool Mac Stacks and Que's Big Mac Secrets. We served as a consultant for Bigelow's Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference which publicized our research on the proliferation and prevention of scripted viruses. We worked with MetaCard Corporation, who released our Klondike game as part of their software distribution, and have worked closely with RunRev to help provide tech support for their customers.

Jacqueline Landman Gay, owner and programmer, was leader of the HyperCard Forum on America Online for many years, moderates the HyperCard Mailing List, and has been both a speaker and instructor at the annual RunRev LiveCode developer conferences.