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HyperCard Tips and Tricks: Printing

Printing pictures in color

Posted: 7/26/99
The trick to get HyperCard to print in color is not to use color at
all! Note that this trick only applies to PICT resources; color
buttons, fields, and rectangles still can't print in color.

To get your PICT resources to print in color, use the ICON ID -1 trick
instead of the AddColor XCMD. When the Print Stack dialog box comes up,
make sure High-quality Printing is selected. When  that card is
printed, the PICT resources will print in color.

Jon Bettencourt

See the "Buttons and Fields" section for the "The -1 PICT button trick."
-- jg

Controlling a desktop printer

Posted: 5/24/98
HC can open a desktop printer, just like any application. By doing so
the driver will automatically be selected, and then when you invoke the
"print" command, you will go right to the driver dialog box.

Craig Newman

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