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We make software for humans. Custom Mac, Windows, iOS and Android solutions in HyperCard, MetaCard, and RunRev LiveCode


The Viruses


Merry2Xmas and other clones

HC 9507 ("Pickle")



Independance Day


3 Tunes



Eliminating and preventing viruses

Download Bill Swagerty's free utility and wipe out HyperCard viruses

False Positives
Why commercial virus software can give "false positive" reports

preventing specific viruses from getting in

The "set" trap
guarding against future viruses


Free virus detection service

Virus Detection
Do you think you have a virus?

HyperActive Software Virus Detection Services

Do you think you have a HyperCard virus? If you have run Vaccine or other virus checking software on your stacks and they report no viruses, but you still believe something fishy is going on, you can submit a sample stack to us for a free analysis. Please be sure your stacks meet these criteria before contacting us:

  1. You must have run both Vaccine and a commercial virus detection program such as Virex or SAM on your stacks, and both programs must have reported no discernable viruses.

  2. The stack must contain scripts which are not a part of the original stack scripts, and an identical copy of this script segment must appear in your Home stack.

If your stack meets these criteria, and if Vaccine or a commercial program reports your sample stack as clean, we will analyze your stack for viruses and return a report to you.

Before submitting your stack, please contact us for instructions. Stacks submitted that do not follow our guidelines will not be examined.

HyperActive Software analyzes only HyperCard stacks -- we can't help with other types of files. We do not release virus code to anyone, so don't even ask.

We will keep you informed

HyperActive Software periodically comes across new viruses in the course of our work. We report them, analyze them, provide the public with inoculation strings, and occasionally work with commercial software companies. We will continue to keep you advised of any new virus activity, as well as provide you with free information and inoculation strings for your Home stack.

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