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Home Inventory ProHome Inventory Pro

Vertical Market Applications / Commercial Software

Home Inventory Pro is sold commercially as part of a bundled package provided by KC Home Inventory, which provides training and materials for professionals who operate home inventory services. Home Inventory Pro addresses all the needs of the inventory professional, from tracking clients and their inventories, to automated item value assessments and invoicing. The program has extensive report printing, auto-complete field entry, inventory searches, and many other features to allow fast and easy data entry. In addition, the software has the unique ability to save both an inventory and a customized viewer application to a folder, ready to write to a CD, all with a single click of a button. This allows the inventory professional to provide each client with a custom inventory database which can be run on a home computer.

HyperActive Software managed this software product from its inception as an idea to the final, commercial software. We provided consultation, coding, artwork, and QA services as the project progressed. Home Inventory Pro is still in active development and regular updates are written that incorporate new features and provide increased productivity for its users.