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We make software for humans. Custom Mac, Windows, iOS and Android solutions in HyperCard, MetaCard, and RunRev LiveCode


Common Gateway Interfaces - CGIs

Custom LiveCode and MetaCard CGIs
Serve your data on the web

These pictures are being served every few seconds by a custom CGI created with RunRev's LiveCode. This CGI randomly pulls a file from a list of photographs and sends it to your browser (you'll need to have a browser that supports i-frames to see it.) We are using photos here, but the data could be anything, from company database information to a rotating tip of the day.

We produce fast and secure CGIs that can't be hacked or abused, and which are compatible with virtually all web servers in operation today. Custom CGIs are an excellent answer when you want to provide dynamic web content tailored to your visitors, or information that changes automatically based on criteria you define.