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HyperCard AddColor Reference

AddColor Reference stack

Download the AddColor Reference Stack

This simple one-card stack has all the AddColor command syntax in one place, for those times when you can't remember exactly what all those parameters are supposed to be. Syntax is copied to the clipboard with a click, ready to paste into your scripts, and if the "Always Copy" button is checked, you don't even need to click. It's tiny enough to tuck into a corner of the screen, and the Utilities button has a quick-access color picker too.

For easy access to the AddColor Reference during development work, put this handler into your Home stack script:

on colorRef
  go stack "AddColor Reference" in a new window
end colorRef
Then just type "colorRef" into the message box and there it is.

For a very nice companion stack, see Jeanne DeVoto's HyperTalk QuickRef Stack.

For a brief online explanation of AddColor calls and features, see Multimedia Authoring with HyperCard at the MacTech web site.

Full documentation for AddColor ships with the Color Tools stack in HyperCard 2.2, and in the Getting Started manual that ships with HyperCard 2.3 and 2.4.