Automated Registration System

Zygodact provides an easy, automated way to add a complete registration serial key system to your LiveCode standalone application or stack. With only a single line of code, Zygodact will check to see whether your application has been registered with a valid serial key. If not, it displays a dialog requesting a user ID and registration key. If your user cannot provide a valid registration, Zygodact gracefully shuts down your software, disallowing access.

Zygodact does all the work for you. It generates any number of customer serial keys for your application, and handles every aspect of requesting and tracking a valid software registration on your user’s computer.

It does this by creating a matched set of stacks: a registration dialog and a serial key generator, and optionally, a CGI stack for use on a server. Every set of stacks is unique, and the registration dialog and key generator you produce will never match any others. This gives you the security of knowing that other developers who use Zygodact can never generate the same serial keys and registration data as yours.

The registration stack that Zygodact creates can be embedded as a substack in any LiveCode project, on any platform LiveCode supports. The companion serial key generator works in tandem with the registration stack; it creates serial keys for you to distribute to your customers. These serial keys, which are unique for each customer, unlock the embedded registration on your customer’s computer and allow them access to your software.

Zygodact is available for Mac OS X or Windows. Once it has generated a set of registration stacks, the stacks can be embedded in any LiveCode project on all desktop platforms that LiveCode supports, including Linux.


If you have questions about Zygodact, we’ve converted the PDF documentation, which may help answer them. Or write to us using the Contact Us form.

A big thanks to Matthias Rebbe for his excellent LiveCode lesson on how to use Zygodact products with FastSpring’s payment system. You can also find the lesson at LiveCode’s site.

Zygodact, created and developed by HyperActive Software, can be purchased right here using Paypal. You will receive your serial key in email.

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