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We make software for humans. Custom Mac, Windows, iOS and Android solutions in HyperCard, MetaCard, and RunRev LiveCode


JQ Boggle

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Games / Entertainment

This classic word search game, created for single player use, offers a user-settable game timer, a 100,000+ word dictionary, a custom user dictionary, automatic scoring, and online internet word lookups for those contestable entries. Your word list can be searched, alphabetized, or rescored manually. Found words can be hilited on the board to show their location. Games can be saved and reloaded at any time.

Included are two saved games for your amusement, one with no words at all and another with 1,811 possible points. Your job is to find them.

This LiveCode stack is available for download and will run on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Win 95-Seven, and Linux.

Note: This file is not an executable. To open it, you will need a copy of LiveCode. If you do not already own a copy of LiveCode, the free trial version will work fine, and can be downloaded from the RunRev site.

Download JQ Boggle (all platforms; 742K)