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IBIS Interactions

The IBIS Guide to Drug-Herb and
Drug-Nutrient Interactions

Commercial Software Products / Medical Software / Databases

IBIS Interactions is a professional reference to interactions between prescription and over-the-counter medications, herbs, and nutritional supplements. Interactions provides medical professionals information that will allow them to more safely prescribe, while considering all potential interactions between substances a patient is taking. This fills the information gap left between the currently existing body of literature (which has focused on interactions between pharmaceuticals) and the actual habits of patients, who are increasingly using herbs, nutrients and "alternative" medications.

The application provides extensive clinical data, quick indentification of drugs by generic name, trade name or drug class, identification of herbs by common or botanical name, many easily accessible reference tables, a graphical overview of various body systems, printable educational handouts, and much more.

Liberal cross-linking is available from within the text of every entry, allowing users to easily jump to related material with a single click. A "Back" button allows the user to retrace their path at any time. Entries are divided into several informational categories, including a summary, an exhaustive interactions section, and a reference section, which allows the user to gather information in increasing levels of detail.

This software is commercially available. You can read more about Interactions or purchase it at the web site.