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Cosmic Osmo

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Cosmic Osmo, a commercial HyperCard adventure game, was created by Cyan Worlds, the makers of the Myst series. Cosmic Osmo was, in fact, the inspiration for Myst and was one of the very earliest in the adventure game genre. With its expansive universe of discovery, charm, and whimsey spanning nine different worlds, Cosmic Osmo won high accolades when it was released for Macintosh back in 1989.

As operating systems evolved over the years, Cosmic Osmo could no longer run on modern computer systems. In order to bring Osmo back to the public, Cyan Worlds contracted with HyperActive Software to port Cosmic Osmo to the Windows platform. Using RunRev's LiveCode, HyperActive Software converted hundreds of cards in 22 stacks, thousands of lines of code, several hundred animated movies, almost 1500 sound files, a handful of embedded "mini" games, and five custom XCMDs. The resulting software runs natively in Windows, and is faster and more efficient than the original as well.

Cosmic Osmo is now a commercial adventure game for Windows, available on GameTap. For a more detailed interview about the challenges of porting such a large software system, see the Runtime newsletter article here.