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Casey's SolitaireCasey's Solitaire

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Casey's Solitaire is not your usual solitaire. Based on a card game called "Sir Tommy," it is a challenging game to win. For the wimps among us (we have no problem including ourselves in this group,) multiple preferences allow the user to control the difficulty of game play, making Casey's Solitaire fun for everyone from young children to card-savvy adults. Unlike the more common Klondike solitaire, Casey's Solitaire requires a good memory and a bit of planning.

When played strictly by the book, Casey's Solitaire is a very addictive game. But what sets it apart from other solitaire games is the option to let Casey, the author's parrot, out of his cage. When Casey decides to "help" you play solitaire...well, let's just say that if you have ever wondered if you could live with a parrot, this option might help you decide. The Kleenex is on the house.

Casey's Solitaire is available for Apple™ iPad, Amazon™ Kindle and Android™ tablets and smartphones. Pick up your copy at one of these markets — and see if you can live with a parrot.

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