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Artificial SuiteThe Artificial Suite

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In collaboration with Danscores

The Artificial Suite is both a cross-platform software program and an original music and dance composition in three movements. As the notation strips scroll synchronously with Georgette Gorchoff's Life Forms animation, the program allows users to hear the music, see the dances, and study the Labanotation in detail. The Artificial Suite employs a complex synergy of QuickTime, animation, and user control mechanisms that allow a detailed study of Labanotation and its relationship to choreographed movement. When the user scrolls the notation strip, the movie display is updated, and vice versa. Program operation was designed to be easy and intuitive, even to novice users. The software runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Feedback has been very positive; one reviewer wrote, "We were very impressed by the choreography, the animation, the presentation and by the amount of work that must have gone into the project. It looks like a wonderful teaching tool." The Artificial Suite was presented at the 23rd Biennial Conference of the International Council of Kinetography Laban in Beijing, China.

HyperActive Software worked closely with Danscores to produce this collaboration of original music and software by Jacqueline Landman Gay with choreography, notation and animation by Georgette Weisz Amowitz-Gorchoff. The result is a product that is both educational and entertaining.

The Artificial Suite
HyperActive Software and Danscores
Jacqueline Landman Gay and Georgette Gorchoff

1.  Waltz of the Pink Flamingos
2.  Lament of the Plastic Ivy
3.  March of the Waxed Fruit