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LiveCode/Revolution Scripting Conferences

The Revolution online scripting conferences took place from April to November, 2005, when LiveCode was called Revolution. These conferences were a series of fortnightly moderated online chat sessions, free and open to all. They introduce the basic techniques of programming in LiveCode to the widest possible audience, in a fun, exciting way. Don't know what a stack is? Don't know your background from your backyard? These conferences are for you. They will also be excellent refreshers for more experienced scripters.

Update: In 2014, almost 10 years later, these stacks were still recognized as useful and were downloaded by new users regularly. At the request of the community, they were updated slightly to modernize them for LiveCode. The product logo was updated, all references to "Revolution" were changed to "LiveCode" and the color scheme was altered to better match the logo. The original scripts, behaviors, and syntax remain accurate and required no changes, and the stacks retain the original authors' work.

The scripting conferences were organized and moderated by Jacqueline Landman Gay.

Stack Structure Kevin Miller 30th April Download
Script Anatomy 101 Mark Talluto 14th May Download
Controls Klaus Major 28th May Download
Message Hierarchy Richard Gaskin 11th June Download
Properties Dan Shafer 25th June Download
Groups & Backgrounds Judy Perry 9th July Download
Script Anatomy 2 Frank Leahy 23rd July Download
Text & Chunk Expressions Alex Tweedly 6th Aug Download
Menus Jeanne DeVoto 20th Aug Download
How to Work With Files Ken Ray 3rd Sept Download
Images & Multimedia Trevor DeVore 17th Sept Download
Dates & Time Sarah Reichelt 1st Oct Download
Debugging Jerry Daniels 29th Oct Download
Standalones Mark Wieder 12th Nov Download
15 Text Munging and Regex Alex Tweedly 26th Nov Download