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Stack Versioner

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Download Stack Versioner for Windows

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As LiveCode evolved it became necessary to change the file format for stacks to accomodate new features. In all cases, newer versions of LiveCode are backwardly compatible with all older stacks and can open any of them. However, stacks saved in a newer version of LiveCode can't be opened by an older version of the engine.

Stack Versioner is a simple utility that can re-save LiveCode stacks in any of the three stack file formats that exist to date. Since most people who need it will be using an older version of LiveCode that can't open newer stacks, Stack Versioner is distributed as a standalone application built with the LiveCode 5.5.3 engine.

The app will re-save a LiveCode stack in whichever file format you need for compatibility with the version of LiveCode you are using. However, each new version of LiveCode added features that can't be used or even recognized in older versions. Saving a stack in an older file format may cause it to lose functionality or work improperly. Be cautious when converting stacks to an older format, and if there are problems do not assume they are errors in the stack or its scripts. It's more likely that the scripts depend on functionality that has been removed.

LiveCode changed its stack file format in version 2.4, 2.7, and 5.5. When saving a stack in a different format for your own use, choose one that is equal to or lower than the version of LiveCode you are using.

No backup is made to the stack you are converting. To avoid damaging the stack, convert a copy!