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Converting a HyperCard stack to LiveCode

by Jacqueline Landman Gay
HyperActive Software

Each section of this tutorial depends on the ones before it. They may be hard to understand if taken out of order, and many of the exercises will be impossible.

HyperActive Software offers professional HyperCard to LiveCode, and HyperCard to MetaCard, conversions and has experience with both Macintosh and Windows conversion issues. If you have a HyperCard project that you would like converted, contact us at info@hyperactivesw.com. We can do the entire conversion, or provide consulting services to help you do it yourself. Since this is our business, we cannot answer email questions about conversion issues without a consulting contract. However, if you find errors in this tutorial we would appreciate a note so that we can fix them.


General Guidelines

Before Importing: Changes to make in HyperCard

After Importing: Working in LiveCode

The Title Card

The About Card

The Records Cards

The Tips Card

The Timer Cards

The Help Card

Adjusting the backgrounds

About LiveCode Menus

Adding a menu bar

Editing the stack script and revising menus

It's Done! Except...

Optimizing the stack for LiveCode

Timed events

Making a splash screen

Making the Index into a floating palette

Some other LiveCode features